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We believe that the power of pen and paper can transcend prison walls

Inside Inspirations


Freedom and justice … have to be mediated through the connection between civic education and political agency, which presupposes that the goal of hope is not to liberate the individual from the social – a central tenet of neoliberalism –  but to take seriously the notion that the individual can only be liberated through the social.
(p. 227, The Violence of Organized Forgetting by Henry A. Giroux


Human Rights Pen Pals is pleased to publish the writings and art work of our incarcerated brothers in hopes of amplifying their voices and liberated their spirits. Please feel free to distribute and publish these inside inspirations far and wide. We only ask that you credit the individual writer / artist when distributing or publishing.

A New Reality by Mwalimu Siri Shakur (pdf link, opens in new window)

Pathology of the SHU by Ifoma Modibo Kambon (pdf link, opens in new window)

The Brown Movement Coalition – Joint Statement of Illumination