Human Rights Pen Pal

We believe that the power of pen and paper can transcend prison walls

Applying for PLEJ

Thank you for your interest in becoming a PLEJ Community Educator!

We look forward to working together with you in the PLEJ program.

PLEJ is a project of the Human Rights Pen Pals organization. We take our inspiration from the poetic words of Assata Shakur, “A wall is just a wall; It can be broken down.” We believe that the power of pen and paper can be strong enough to transcend prison walls…

PLEJ is part of a growing movement for the human rights of imprisoned people, especially in California. We in the PLEJ believe that this movement is inspired and led by those most affected by the prison system: imprisoned people, their families and loved ones, and formerly incarcerated people.

Our program is centered around the relationships between people who believe in human rights inside and outside the prison walls. PLEJ is grounded in the principles of: amplifying the voices of people inside the walls in all that we do, building relationships based on solidarity and respect, and maintaining those relationships in accountable, reciprocal and equitable ways, towards liberation and justice for all people. [*Principles of Community Accountability Reciprocity and Equity (C.A.R.E.) from PLEJ Co-founder Natania Kremer]

In order to help us ‘match’ you with an imprisoned educator/human rights pen pal, we are requesting that you fill out this application and return it to us. We will then send you the name, contact info, brief bio, and selected comments from your new imprisoned educator/pen pal.  We wish you both a mutually respectful and inspirational relationship.

We will then also sign you up for the PLEJ listserv, a low-traffic email listserv that is a place for PLEJ educators (or PLEJucators as we say), pen pals and PLEJ volunteers to communicate and share resources, questions and ideas.

PLEJ for Liberation Outside Educator Application

If you have any questions or would like a paper application, please email