Human Rights Pen Pal

We believe that the power of pen and paper can transcend prison walls

Power Love Education and Justice
for Liberation

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What is PLEJ for Liberation?

PLEJ for Liberation is a project of the Human Rights Pen Pals program. We take our inspiration from the poetic words of Assata Shakur, “A wall is just a wall; It can be broken down.” We believe that the power of pen and paper can be strong enough to transcend prison walls…

PLEJ for Liberation is an innovative project that brings together social justice educators on the outside with imprisoned educators inside. The goal of this project is to create a justice-oriented, people-centered curriculum about the prison system for teenage youth and young adults. It was co-founded by Sharon Martinas, Mume (Paul A. Redd Jr.), and Natania Kremer.

PLEJ is part of a growing movement for the human rights of imprisoned people, especially in California. We in the PLEJ believe that this movement is inspired and led by those most affected by the prison system: imprisoned people, their families and loved ones, and formerly incarcerated people.

PLEJ for LIBERATION brochure

From PLEJ co-founder, Mume (Paul A. Redd Jr.)

Students hold a great deal of Power, Love, Education, and Justice with a united voice within the school system for students, teachers, and schools. I strongly believe this project called PLEJ for Liberation will allow educators to see the real value and power of creating a similar opportunity for their students through the Human Rights Pen Pal Program. The outcome of linking student voices with the voices of those who are incarcerated is powerful for everyone involved.

Our program is centered around the relationships between people who believe in human rights inside and outside the prison walls. PLEJ is grounded in the principles of: amplifying the voices of people inside the walls in all that we do, building relationships based on solidarity and respect, and maintaining those relationships in accountable, reciprocal and equitable ways, towards liberation and justice for all people [From principles of Community Accountability Reciprocity and Equity (C.A.R.E.) from PLEJ Co-founder Natania Kremer].

PLEJ for Liberation Curriculum Resource Guide for Community Educators

How can I get involved?

PLEJ for Liberation is looking for more outside educators to pair up with PLEJ’s inside, imprisoned educators. Are you, or is someone you know, interested in connecting the students you work with to educators and organizers who are incarcerated?

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